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In the heart of the Food Valley since 1981
Located in the heart of the Food Valley, between the provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia, Inox Fer is an Italian company that has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the food and beverage industry since 1981. Our technology is used to produce dairy products, fruit juices, jams, ketchup, Italian pesto and sauces.

Producing satisfaction is the mission of Inox Fer
From the very beginning, all our efforts in research and continuous technological innovation in our products have been aimed to the achievement of one goal: offering every customer the best solution – a solution tailored to their needs. Our solutions are made in Italy by skilled hands that design and manufacture unique, exclusive machines that are tailor-made to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

Now available in the United States
Select Technologies, Inc. is the authorized North American distributor of Inox Fer Equipment. STI offers installation, integration, and followup services for all equipment.

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