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Process Integration

As processes have become more complex, the need for automated systems are more prevalent than ever. Managed control and system stability are imperative during each stage of the process to ensure the output of an efficient and effective operation. The use of manpower to manage complex processes can create bottlenecks and inefficient operations while also creating safety concerns.

Evapco SelectTech is devoted to developing and designing automated control systems that provide highly efficient, safe and reliable solutions for processes. Evapco SelectTech accomplishes this through use of PLC, HMI, and SCADA based control systems, temperature controllers, in-line weight recording and / or verification, optical scanning, and other advancing technologies. Systems of this nature achieve the efficient, safe and stable operations required by the demanding needs of today and in the future.

Core Competencies

Ingredient Processing

  • Grinding
  • Mixing (Brines, Marinades, Sauces)
  • Blending (Pre-Blends, Final-Blends)


  • Bulk Ingredient Addition
  • Recipe Building
  • Mixing and Blending Automation


  • Continuous Cook Ovens
  • Batch Ovens
  • Marking, Searing, Browning
  • Impingement Ovens

Chilling & Freezing

  • Spiral Freezers
  • Blast Cells
  • Brine Chillers
  • WIP Coolers
Henneken Tumbler B3
Spiral Freezer

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