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Service & Upgrades

Production facilities are costly to maintain and operate. As technical labor resources become more and more limited, companies increasingly look to external resources to keep production flowing. Evapco SelectTech has the technical support and experience to fully
support your production and facility systems.

Are Your Facility Controls Ready For A Tune-Up?

See how Evapco SelectTech can help you regain control over your aging system.

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Provided Services

Machine Upgrades

Project Management

Information Technology

PLC Platforms

Post Project Support

System Checkouts

Air Balancing

Air Handling Service Work

High Efficiency Burner Retrofit

Instrument & Sensor Calibration

Ammonia Refrigeration Service Work

PLC & HMI Programming and Updates

System PID Tuning

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

Cost Savings:

Evapco SelectTech locates, identifies and prevents costly maintenance problems before they occur. Preventative measures save your facility valuable troubleshooting repair costs and improves equipment uptime.

Additional Services

Evapco SelectTech is a full service industrial integrator specializing in a wide range of services.