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Material Handling

Evapco SelectTech has been engaged in numerous large and small scale material handling projects. These projects have included the conveyor systems that transport the material to point of use in the production process, as well as the wide variety of supplemental material handling equipment to get the customers product from packaging to final storage.

Material handling systems often include equipment from multiple vendors and suppliers, each having its own set of integration challenges. Bringing these individual pieces of equipment under the control of a lead managing team is where Evapco SelectTech excels.

During the design and planning stages of a project, Evapco SelectTech can act as a single source for not only all vendors working the project, but a single point of contact for the logic, permissive and critical control points. This all-encompassing type approach ensures the material handling system works as a single unit front to back.

See how Evapco SelectTech can help you integrate your material handling controls into one seamless system.


Core Competencies

Material Handling

Case Conveyance

Accumulation Systems

Standard & Robotic Palletizing

Stretch Wrapping

ID/Vision Systems

Case/Pallet Scanning Systems

Case Sortation

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