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How STI keeps customer satisfaction healthy throughout a process automation project

Maintaining customer satisfaction can be the most challenging aspect when managing a process automation project. Keeping a close watch on budget and schedule are critical for success. However, they are not enough to ensure the project is a success in the eyes of a customer. In fact, the customer’s view of the performance of the process integration team is a complex element that can be difficult to measure accurately. To succeed, one must understand and relate to the customer’s pain points. The four points below highlight the critical characteristics of managing complex process automation projects and identify essential attributes to help manage the experience.

  1. Process automation project oversights can be detrimental to its success.

One common misconception is that the current work responsibilities can be maintained while taking on additional project loading activities. Another common oversight is underestimating the detailed knowledge required to provide accurate data or review/approvals required.

  1. Don’t be afraid to over-communicate about your process automation project.

Doing business is easy when the project is within schedule and budget. However, when deadlines are looming and stakes are high it can be a different matter. In this case, it is better to understand how to work together to address issues and concerns before a high-stress situation. To provide honest, fair, and open communications with all stakeholders is always the best policy. For this reason, act in the best interest of the customer and lead by example.

  1. Uphold accountability across all aspects of your process automation project.

Collective synergy and commitment from all stakeholders will result in the success of a process automation project. When schedules become tight, most people search for ways to cut corners. Be sure to fully evaluate the impact or potential impact of all actions and trust the proven process to lead to success.

  1. Don’t fear feedback.

It needs to be a two-way street for all stakeholders in a process automation project. Embrace continuous improvement by discussing positive and negative aspects. Both customer and contractor should have an open discussion because all have responsibilities to meet. Solutions that are developed together result in fair resolutions and not a one-sided answer.

Generally speaking, more interaction is needed with customers on the front and back-end of project phases. The planning stage also requires accurate and timely delivery of data from the customer to progress into the execution stages. These customer demands put pressure on clients to produce information and can be a bottleneck for the entire process automation project. As an industry leader in process integration and automation, we will help you throughout your project and listen to all your concerns and ideas every step of the way.

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