The importance of air balancing in food processing manufacturing

Air handling in a commercial or residential infrastructure is entirely different than air balancing in food processing manufacturing. In food manufacturing factories it is crucial to maintain air quality to avert or prevent possible adverse health issues associated with the factory environment. To maintain overall healthy air quality, it is important to realize that temperature, humidity, and proper air filtration are of the utmost importance. An effective food processing air balancing system keeps air pollutants and any negative conditions that could impact workers or products under control.



TAB in air balancing for food processing

Properly balancing a ventilation system has three vital steps – testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB).  At Select Technologies our specialists use specially calibrated equipment to evaluate pressures, temperatures, velocities, rotational speed, electrical characteristics, air quantity, and water quantity for a detailed diagnosis of system performance. When adjusting the final settings of air balancing devices, we consider valves and dampers, fan speeds, thermostats, and pressure controllers. Finally, we balance the valves and grills air flow, completing the process of adjusting the ventilation system. By closely following this systematic approach, we can assure the facility reaches optimum results from its operating ventilation system.


Professionals can only perform these steps for effective results. (TAB) professionals measure air and hydronic on ventilation systems and adjust the air flow according to the organization’s design flow needs, to deliver satisfactory results.



Benefits of air balancing in food processing

In order to eradicate the probability of contamination, air flow in food processing plants must be firmly controlled. Distribution of correct air balance is mandatory to prevent any health risk or slowdown in productivity. The following considerations are prime benefits of obtaining and maintaining proper air balance.



Controlling condensation

The food industry’s number one priority is the safety of the food it produces. If moisture and condensation seep into sanitized areas, the damage can be devastating. Bacterial growth can be a problem because moisture can accumulate in the crevices of the equipment. Balanced air prevents the problem of unwanted moisture accumulation.



Removing airborne contaminants

Air balancing and controlling air flow inside a food processing facility will minimize the threat of dust particles or contaminants entering the plant environment and air handling system. Meat processing facilities have a higher tendency for attracting harmful airborne pollutants. Because of this danger, air flow frequency and direction are critical in these facilities and others.



Maintaining temperature

In order to adhere to mandatory sanitation and safety standards, it is essential for food processing companies to strictly control room temperature.  Air balancing for food processing systems maintains the desired temperatures in individual locations and rooms.



Lowering energy costs

Correctly installed air handling systems, monitor, and provide conditioned air which can be heated, cooled, humidified, and dehumidified cost-effectively. Unbalanced air flow, however, can put an excess burden on your HAVC systems and exhaust fans resulting in your system consuming more energy over extended periods of time.  Naturally, this increases energy costs in your overall food processing air balancing system.


Select Technologies effectively works to eliminate the problem of food contamination via our expertise in food processing air balancing services. We are a systems integrator specializing in design-build installation, production line automation, process systems, material handling, and plant facility/utility systems. We deliver a total coordinated, holistic approach to projects. This thorough methodology creates a cost-effective, detailed, and reliable system even in the most challenging circumstances. For more information contact us at 1.844.785.9506 or