4 Best Practices for Efficient Material Handling

An effective material handling process is the key to achieve warehouse efficiency. It requires management of available resources and adoption of best practices in material handling process to enjoy maximum productivity at minimum cost. The following are four practices to implement for effective material handling processes.

Focus on Automation

Automation is the key to driving productivity and efficiency in the warehouse environment. Many companies use automation and material handling strategies to suit the needs of their business. Automation tools and devices include conveyor systems, RF devices as well as automated storage and retrieval systems.

Direct Put-away Processes

This practice bypasses the staging process and relocates the products to their destination as soon as they are received. It also makes it easier to pick and ship a product, improving the order-fill rates. It also reduces and avoids space issues, transaction errors, and damage.

Radiofrequency Identification

Radiofrequency identification is a technology that helps to spot and track products using electromagnetic fields. For example, a tag is attached to each product with pertinent information, which can be changed upon relocation. Companies also use sensors in combination with radio frequency identification for real-time tracking and maximum warehouse efficiency. 


The efficient material handling process is only possible in a clean, well-organized warehouse. For all the latest technology and practices to be effective, the workplace needs to be clean and organized in the first place. Unoptimized work conditions and warehouse environment lead to product damage, loss of production, and safety problems.

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