Lean manufacturing and user-friendly PLC and HMI systems

How HMI and PLC systems enhance lean manufacturing

In the first place, let’s define HMI and PLC systems. Human-machine interface (HMI) offers a graphic representation of a control system. The design of a programmable logic controller (PLC) is able to withstand the rigorous conditions found in many industrial facilities while monitoring and controlling processes.

It is important to realize that the combined implementation of an HMI and a PLC is essential to a lean manufacturing system. Introduced in 1919, lean manufacturing is recognized as a way to increase the effectiveness of manufacturing processes. Overall, the practice of lean manufacturing reduces waste, including needless equipment and process phases. When in use, its principles can apply to the planning, building, and support of automation solutions. Because of these solutions, you can potentially increase production and consistency, resulting in improved quality and profitability. Consequently, the integration of user-friendly PLC and HMI systems offers a number of advantages that align with lean manufacturing:

Lower cost
Less space
Better user interface
Improved machine control
Waste reduction
Increased productivity
Improved worker satisfaction
Enhanced networking for remote control and monitoring
Data recording for troubleshooting

How are all these advantages achieved?

Today, most control systems use a PLC to control motors, pumps, and valves as well as any and all other parts used in the process. When you add an HMI to the system, the worker now has the ability to interact with the PLC control system. The integration of these two systems create a way for a worker to better monitor information, react to alerts, respond to changes, and make repairs more efficiently. With the advantages offered by PLC and HMI integration, food processing manufacturers can implement the principles of lean manufacturing more easily and realize its benefits more quickly.

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